Amanada (perfectperson) wrote in kellysluts,

so sleep darling...

What is wrong with Kelly Sluts?! Can't you guys stop drinking for 2 minutes and post something about Kelly.....she doesn't wear sparkly bras everyday (although she DOES wear them when Tamyra is around...hey hey!) Anyways, that is all my ranting.

Is anyone else excited about Kelly's suicide song? CHIRP!

Also, join this board because it's funny and we don't post threads like "I saved my Ritz cracker because it reminded me of Kelly so now it lives in a show box under my bed":
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Hahahaha! CHIRP! I can't WAIT for "Haunted." And I want Kelly's sparkly bra. Not a replica, but HERS! BAAAAHAHAHAHAHAAHaa...
OMG!! I can't wait for her new song!!! Just hearing the title of it sounds AWESOME!!
I wanna sparkly bra like kelly's too! hehe